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Buffing and Recoating Hardwood Floors in Orange County and Sherman Oaks

Hardwood floors, whether natural or engineered, can undergo damage that reduces their beauty and value. Luckily, you don’t need to completely replace the floors to make them look like-new again. In fact, buffing and recoating is a budget-friendly procedure used to revitalize hardwood floors. The team at Home Safety Advisors are experts at restoring hardwood floors in Orange County. We’ll work with you to upgrade your floors in a way that is relatively quick, cost-effective, and meets all of your aesthetic needs. We have over a decade of experience remodeling floors throughout California, and now we’re looking forward to working with you! 

Our Buffing and Recoating Process

We have a well-practiced procedure to restore your wood floors. First, we will screen the floors to remove the old finish and prepare it for a new coat of finish. This involves using a buffing machine with a special attachment called a sanding screen. Not only will these remove the old finish, but it will also remove any splattered paint and minor scratches that may have accumulated over the years. 


Our floor buffing and recoating can: 


  • Remove built-up dirt and grime 
  • Fill in scratches on the surface
  • Restore the wood’s luster and sheen 
  • Add a fresh protective layer 

Questions about whether or not your floor is a good candidate for buffing and recoating? Call us today at (310) 340-7180 and we’ll let you know the best service option for achieving your floor remodeling goals! 

Home Safety Advisors for Orange County Buffing and Recoating 

You’ll hear many good reasons why people opt to improve their house with hardwood floor restoration. Aesthetics, affordability, and easy care are a couple of the many advantages. Plus, you still have the flexibility to have your floor re-stained if you’d like a different “look” for your existing wood floor. 


Reach out at (310) 340-7180 to schedule your hardwood floor buffing and recoating in Orange County! 


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